simplified expense report
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Mobile Receipt Capture

From mobile to desktop, ExpenseVisor is the simplest choice

Mobile Expense Receipt Management made simple

Open the app and capture your expense receipt image with your phone or tablet. DocScan allows you to rotate, zoom, and crop the expense reporting receipt.

Have multiple expense receipts from one transaction? No problem. You can keep track of multi-image receipts by clicking 'Add Page' to add as many expense reporting receipt images as you need.

When you are done capturing your expense receipts, they are automatically processed into a high-resolution image for optimal viewing.

Your receipts are sent directly to your expense reporting queue with just one click. DocScan allows you to see all of your original expense receipts so there is never a discrepancy with your reporting.

DocScan makes it easy.

DocScan is completely cloud based so you can use it anywhere, anytime and is exclusive to ExpenseVisor expense reporting users.

It is simple and easy to use. Keeping up with your receipts is already time consuming and frustrating. DocScan makes it simple and easy.

The free DocScan app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Use it and never have to deal with keeping expense reporting receipts ever again.

Adding Receipts is simple

Open the app, and capture the new receipt. Make any needed edits to the image, and save it.

Reviewing previously captured receipts is also very simple. Keeping up with your business expense tracking could not be easier.

So go ahead, sign up for the ExpenseVisor demo. We are committed to your satisfaction!

Simplify Your Expense Report